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Nevert give up.

Truth About Drugs.


This is a program or ducumentary showcasing all the different types of drugs out there, the way they look, smell, feel, intensity of the drug, addiction level and the outcome of such addiction. Ill share each one with you, one by one. The purpose of me sharing these stories and writing my blogs on addiction and my life, is that I hope to change someone’s life, make it better for them to cope in other ways. The Truth About Drugs Pt 1.

Welcome To My Blog

Hi There Fellow Bloggers.

This will be my first post of “Fathers Recovered”, which is all about saving fathers that struggle with drug addiction and in the battle, losing their children along the way.

I’m so glad to be part of this community and to meet everyone personally, already had the privalage to meet some. Thank you for the warm welcome and friendly messages.

I’m really looking forward to introducing many people that have traveled the road of recovery with me, also meet and introduce new faces that are in need of a little love, motivation and guidance into building their sobriety . I myself have come out of a 13 year battle of addiction. Heroine was my poison which was the reason for my 3 near death experiences.

I’m proud to announce that year 2019 celebrates my 7th year of recovery, still going strong and moving forward. I’ll be sharing more on my life in future blogs.

First official Blog tomorrow. Thanks guys.